November 30, 2019

2024-03-22 | 17:05:15

"Excellent personal family experience! Wouldn't go anywhere else."
November 1, 2019

2024-03-22 | 17:05:16

"Unexpected amount of good options for reasonable prices. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff."
July 6, 2019

2024-03-22 | 17:05:17

"The only ski shop around and very good store to buy or rent ski and boards from"
March 1, 2019

Michael Moradian

"What a great throwback to small ski shops. We have rented ski/snow board equipment and they have great prices. The staff is very friendly and helpful as the help multiple customers at one time."
February 8, 2019

2024-03-22 | 17:05:18

"I have been coming to SunSports for 15 years. It's nice to have a spot in the Central Valley with so many good resources and products for snowboarders and skiers. Great place, great owners. Only place I go for my snowboarding needs."