January 20, 2020

Barbara Owen

"We were looking for skis and boots and couldn't find anything in Sonora so after we searched for a ski place, we came upon Sun Sport. We had never been to Turlock and wasn't really sure about this trip but the reviews were amazing so ventured out. I am so glad we did and so glad that we listened to the viewers. The service was amazing and we were able to to have the bindings put on while we waited. The price was great and the store was packed full of happy people. Sun Sports sells or rents all ski equipment and I highly recommend this place!!!"
January 1, 2020

"All the snowboarding gear you could ever hope for. Drove over 100 miles, and was completely satisfied with selection, service and friendly, knowledgable employees. A+++++"
March 1, 2019

Michael Moradian

"What a great throwback to small ski shops. We have rented ski/snow board equipment and they have great prices. The staff is very friendly and helpful as the help multiple customers at one time."